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Antioxidants mean life, while oxidation means death.

Anthony William (Life-Changing Foods)
The Vitamin C Foundation is a private 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Foundation’s Mission..

…is to increase public knowledge about the extraordinary therapeutic value of supplemental vitamin C.

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I would just like to share with you the true miracle of your website. After 5 years of personal research in trying to cure myself and with several readings and re-readings of your website, especially Stone’s papers, I was able to cure my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, severe circulatory problems, arthritis, and even a horrific swollen cheek with a toothache and bleeding gums.

I have also had a heart attack and hemolytic urea syndrome years ago. After listening to a speech by Dr. Levy in which he said “he had a hunch” that even chronic diseases could be cured if vit c was administered long enough and strong enough. So that is what I did. I started out slowly with oral supplements but couldn’t tolerate it with bowels. So I bought his Lypo C and took 5-15 packets daily over the course of 7 days and suddenly nearly all my horrific ailments are gone.

I even began sleeping at night!! I use to read blogs like this and refused to believe that they could be true. In the end, the research papers you have published** is what finally clinched it. I even diagnosed my own subclinical signs of scurvy with your website.

I am going to go to every one of my 200 doctors and give them copies of all this if it’s ok. They have a lot of explaining to do! I also have at least 20 years of my past medical records of these ailments that I had to retrieve to file for disability.


God Bless you all. I am soooo happy.


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Mission Accomplished

This mission is realized through the work of a consortium of physicians and other practitioners, health care activists, and other concerned Individuals, as well as of health and nutrition oriented organizations and nutrient suppliers — all of whom are dedicated to promoting the value of vitamin C for public health.

The Foundation was established to collect, preserve, and widely disseminate scientific research findings, clinical results, and valid anecdotal evidence, both recent and archival, relating to the health benefits of using vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in its different forms: natural foods, oral supplements, topical applications, and intravenous injection.

The Foundation raises funds to enable it to illuminate the science behind vitamin C as well as to financially support worthy new or ongoing research projects pertaining to health-conferring or protecting mechanisms within the body.

The Foundation’s mission is fulfilled through a number of vital initiatives.


When you think of antioxidants, think anti-aging. Oxidation is a chemical reaction of the body’s organ tissue with an invader- that is a toxin. Antioxidants bind to both toxins and free radicals, sticking to these invaders, like fly paper so they stop oxidizing — and bundling them up for express out of the body.

Anthony William (Life-Changing Foods)

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