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"The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one." Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925,  The biggest, costliest, and most genocidal lie of the 20th, now into the 21st century, is that you cannot cure or ameliorate all sorts of infectious diseases with massive doses of vitamin C. 

Publications by Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

Most Recent Talk, The Ascorbate Effect in Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases, at Fourth International Conference on Nutritional Medicine, San Francisco, June 2004

Eighteen new cases of polio found in Yemen, more feared, WHO says

That's no problem, we absolutely know how to cure polio.

**********Bird Flu***********


The following on Ebola and/or the Marburg Virus is of current interest


and other hemorrhagic fevers are Acute Induced Scurvy


Ascorbate:  The Science of Vitamin C,


 By Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts

The Origin of the 53-Year Stonewall of

Vitamin C.

1949 a year in medicine which will live in infamy.

Massive Doses of Vitamin C Do Not Cause Free Radicals in Vivo, Review of Literature by Ian Dettman

Vitamin C Helps Us Live Longer

Klenner Published How to Cure Polio in 1949.

Nipah Virus

Dengue Fever

Bacterial Sepsis

 Flu, 2003-4



Acute Hepatitis A

Pneumonia in U.S. Army  in Iraq

Biologic Warfare





How to Get Intravenous Vitamin C

Given to a Hospitalized Patient

Drug-resistant Gonorrhea Spreading in U.K.

Vitamin C Book Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins
by Thomas Levy
(Paperback - September 2002)
Physician Handbook

Review by Andrew Saul, PhD.

Chapter One of the Vitamin C book

*****Smallpox and Smallpox Vaccinations*****

Ascorbate Web

The most complete list of articles on Vitamin C that I have seen

 Increase your chances of recovering from
a terrorist biological, chemical, or nuclear attack, by Dave Yost

Eye Health

Superbug, Resistent Bacterial Infections including recent Staphlococcus Cases  

EBOLA, will it get us this time around?

Google Search for Cathcart and "Vitamin C" yields ~7,810 links.

Google Search for "Vitamin C" and SARS yields ~86,900 links.

Google Search for "Vitamin C" and SARS and Cathcart yields ~195 links.

Google Search for "Vitamin C" yields ~7,520,000 links.

Google Search on "Vitamin C" + Cancer yields ~1,910,000 links

Google Search for"Vitamin C" and "West Nile" yields ~76,700 links

Google Search for "Vitamin C" and "bird flu" yields 60,000 links

Quackbusters Get Busted

The Nobel Prize Lecture by Szent-Gyrgyi in 1937 on the True Nature of Vitamin C

BURNS, Rhode Island

Mystery Illness Causes 3 Deaths in Texas

Bubonic Plague NEWS

Killer flu 'on the way'

Moscow Theater Gas

 Can Vitamin C Cure Deadly Infections And Neutralize Potent Toxins? Obviously!!!

  Drug Companies Pushing Genocidal Effort to Outlaw all Vitamins and Minerals in Europe Obviously the Sales of Drugs are Inversely Related to Vitamin and Mineral Sales  To Hell with the People.  Sell those Drugs.  Keep the People Sick So They Have to Take the Beloved Drugs.  Are these the Descendents of Those Who Made the Gas for Hitler?  Genocide is their Bag.




 Britain's worst outbreak of legionnaires' disease
grips town

US hunt for Iraq's Ebola factory

Reevaluation of ascorbate in cancer treatment: emerging evidence, open minds and serendipity.  From the National Institutes of Health

Considering Vaccinating Your Child?

Take multivitamins, AMA urges in policy reversal  

Vitamin pills a 'waste of money' from the BBC

New journal articles on vitamin C provide more validation for Linus Pauling on the 100th anniversary of his birth

Virus of deadly disease spreads in Iran

New Type of Drug-Resistant Bacteria Reaches England

Mystery Fever Hits British Troops

Attack on alternative medicine could lead to alternative lawsuits

Challenge to Those Who Dispute this Website

The Flu in Nebraska

The British Spider Bite

Bolen Firewall Report -  Health Freedom News

Elimination of Fear of Backfire Phenomena by Some Madman Makes Bacteriologic Warfare More Practical for Him

Smallpox and Monkeypox Page

Officials in Afghanistan Confused about the Difference between Hemorrhagic Fever and Scurvy, 40 Dead Already

Flash!!!! Sloan-Kettering Admits Vitamin C Good for Something.***Finally!!***Is Hell Beginning to Freeze Over?

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Comment on current New Jersey Flu

Anthrax Page

Pneumonic Plague

Lupus and Other Auutoimmune Diseases

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Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

Publications and reference links below.

127 Second Street, Suite 4, Los Altos, California 94022 Telephone: 650-949-2822 FAX: 650-949-5083



"Orthomolecular Medicine emphasizes natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fats, and diet in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Food and chemical sensitivities, candida, and parasites are considered important. Chelation for the elimination of heavy toxic metals is utilized where needed. I am especially interested in the use of mega doses of vitamin C, both orally and intravenously." -Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.- 

EBOLA - Acute Induced Scurvy



Dengue Fever

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Bacteriologic Warfare

Winter Vomiting in Great Britain

Publications by Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

Minnesota Deaths

Stupid Propaganda about C and Colds

Ascorbate for Burns

Probable Cure for Legionnaire's Disease

Quackwatch Falsehoods being Revealed in Court

*****Vitamin C and Cancer NEWS******

Vitamin C in the Treatment of Cancer NEWS

**Polio Cured in 1948 with Intavenous C**

****Important Article on Glutathione****

**************AIDS News*************

**********Meningitis NEWS***********

*********Snake Bites & Bee Stings******

Ascorbate Should Help Prevent Damage from Ecstacy


Orthomolecular Medicine NEWS

Orthomolecular Health Medicine (OHM), formerly the Orthomolecular Medical Society (OMS), conferences accepted by the California Medical Association (CMA) for continuing medical education (CME)

Bolen Firewall Report -  Health Freedom News

This site is a takeoff on the Drudge Report that reports on various health problems such as the suppression of vitamins and minerals in the treatment of many diseases by the drug industry and others who profit from the sales and distribution of drugs where none drug treatments work better and would save many lives.

***All Persons with PLS Please Read This Link***

Ascorbate for Burns

Because of all the burns in New York and at the Pentagon, I would like to try again to tell the medical profession, if they would listen, how so much misery and how many infections and deaths could be averted if intravenous and topical sodium ascorbate would be used in the treatment of severe burns.  Note that in the above link to Klenner's article, he refers to the ascorbate used as ascorbic acid.  Actually, he means sodium ascorbate for intravenous and topical use.  This difference is caused by previous labeling practices.

Vitamin C Causing Cancer Absurdity - Created by the journal Science article:


Considering Vaccinating Your Child?


IV Ascorbate Used in the Treatment of Cancer

Hugh Riordan, M.D.,

Vitamin C Research Papers

Intravenous Ascorbate as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifying Agent, 1997

Intravenous Ascorbate as a Tumor Cytotoxic Chemotherapeutic Agent, 1995

Clinical and Experimental Experiences with Intravenous Vitamin C, 2000

Intravenous Ascorbate as a Tumor Cytotoxic Chemotherapeutic Agent, 1995

Case Study: High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C in the Treatment of a Patient with Adenocarcinoma of the Kidney, 1990


Sloan-Kettering Admits Vitamin C Good for Something

Vitamin C prevents DNA mutation induced by oxidative stress, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY.

Reevaluation of ascorbate in cancer treatment: emerging evidence, open minds and serendipity. From the National Institutes of Health

Vitamin C and Cancer - Storm of Controversy

Ascorbate Web, Read It Yourself.  An Outstanding Resource of Articles from Medical Literature on Vitamin C.

New insights into the physiology and pharmacology of vitamin C,  Canadian Medical Association Journal

In Extremis: First Aid for Advanced Cancer (or for anyone with cancer, at any stage)

Drug Cartel Plans Genocide by Outlawing Vitamins

Drug companies trying to shove Codex law to outlaw adequate doses of vitamins down the Earth population's throats so as to sell more drugs.  This ridiculous attempt amounts to GENOCIDE.   JOIN THE MOVEMENT TO STOP THIS and learn how not to need dangerous drugs.

Cause and Treatment of SIDS Found and Suppressed

Archie Kalokerinos, M.D.

His book, Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century, Describes how acute induced scurvy is the cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.)  His constant fight with the medical establishment in Australia and their refusal to listen to the obvious which would save thousands of infants is recorded.  Describes how innocent people are unjustly jailed for the shaken baby syndrome.  Describes the injustice of the Australian Nanny case (the most famous case of shaken baby syndrome.)  Describes many other nutritional problems of the Aboriginal children which are also present in white children all over the world.


The Answer to Crib Death “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS) by Joseph G. Hattersley

Cause Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Remains Elusive

See the above book by Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century, who has shown that SIDS is caused by acute induced scurvy. Why is this not investigated?   As far as I know there have never been any studies that refute this claim.  Is admitting that large doses of ascorbate that terrible?  In the reference by Hattersley above one can see the massive number of references on this subject in the literature.   This hiding of the efficacy of ascorbate is going from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Sudden Infant Death - Treat With Vitamin C, Not Prison

New insights into the physiology and pharmacology of vitamin C with suggestions about investigating intravenous ascorbate in the treatment of cancer.

The proposed studies are fraught with possibilities of not making it work if previous patterns of investigating ascorbate are utilized.  One of the frequent problems of investigators who have contacted me about investigating ascorbate is that the investigational committees, ethics committee, or pharmacy committee will not allow the investigator to use adequate doses of ascorbate thereby insuring failure of the project.  To learn how to treat many cancers with ascorbate, the investigators should contact Hugh Riordan, M.D.    Refusing to do that I would suggest no less than 60-120 grams of sodium ascorbate intravenously rapidly infused at a rate of 60 grams in 2 to 3 hours every day for several months.  As the tumor resolves, the infusions may possibly be dropped to 2 times a week for a long time.   One caution is that if the patient has not been taking ascorbate orally in fairly large doses, they should be started on oral ascorbic acid very slowly if there is widespread metastasis.  This caution is because about one out of 100 tumors will suddenly drop dead at the sight of ascorbate and the sudden death of a large tumor mass may kill the patient. This caution was noted in Cameron and Pauling's Vitamin C and Cancer.  Additionally, I would suggest a overall nutritional support plan that Hugh Riordan, M.D. could help with.  Especially important in addition to the basic nutrients is alpha lipoic acid 100 mg 3 times a day.

Proof versus plausibility: rules of engagement for
the struggle to evaluate alternative cancer

The in vitro cytotoxicity of ascorbate depends on the culture medium used to perform the assay and involves hydrogen peroxide.

This paper is important when one is thinking about how ascorbate could selectively kill cancer and not normal cells.  Normal cells have catalase and cancer cells do not.

Polio Cured with Intravenous Vitamin C


Fred Klenner, M.D. Cured Polio in 1948 with Intravenous Sodium Ascorbate.



WHO Says One Polio Strain Eradicated but there are 2 strains remaining affecting more than 28,000 cases a year.  Why are not the more than 28,000 cases a year treated with intravenous sodium ascorbate which would cure most of them?  You know, of course, that how to cure polio was published in 1949?   You didn't know that?  I wonder why not.  There has never been a paper to counter Klenner's clinical observations.  I wonder why not.

Polio Victims Suffering Late Relapse

Virus of deadly disease spreads in Iran

British Commuter bitten by a tropical spider


Pat Coleby on Vitamin C Treatment for SNAKE BITES

Yellow jackets swarm, kill man


Ascorbic Acid Prevents 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) (Ecstacy)-Induced Hydroxyl Radical Formation and the Behavioral and Neurochemical Consequences of the Depletion of Brain 5-HT

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Flesh eating rash that killed woman called rare

Recognize Symptoms



Bubonic Plague NEWS


US health officials keeping an eye on potential bubonic plague exposure



Football players spread meningitis

Study Finds University Students In Dormitories At Increased Risk Of Meningitis

Meningitis Scare Fills Clinic Lines

Ohio to Begin Meningitis Shots

One dead, at least three others are infected with meningitis

Massive rise in lethal form of meningitis

The incidence of meningitis "surges" after the flu because the acute induced scurvy induced by the flu decreases the ability of the body to fight off the meningitis bacteria.

Meningitis Campaign: Too Much For Too Few?


Measles Kills 45 in India; May Be New Type

Ascorbic acid in large doses orally will ameliorate measles.  In cases where there is inflammation of the brain, intravenous sodium ascorbate should be used.  These types of diseases kill by way of free radicals.  This is a very simple situation to solve.  You just give massive doses of ascorbate in sufficient amounts to provide the electrons to neutralize the free radicals.  The person's immune system then makes short work of the virus.  This works with all acute self-limiting viral diseases because they all kill or cause symptoms and complications with free radicals.

Legionnaire's Disease

Legionnaire's Disease - Probable Cure

The president of one of the companies that I have worked with in the past told me this story:  In 1976, he and his friend went to a conference in Philadelphia.  A few days after he came home, he came down with what he thought was bronchitis.  He said that he thought that it would be a good time to try "Cathcart's titrating to bowel tolerance" with vitamin C.  So he began taking ascorbic acid in large doses (actually he did not get to tolerance at first).  The next day he was not well but he was still working.  So he raised the dose.  Still no diarrhea; he was not well but still working.  Then he heard that his friend had died!!!  He went to his doctor who tested his blood and prescribed him erythromycin.  The first dose made him so sick that he did not take more erythromycin.  He increased the dose of C and after a few days was all well.  The blood work had come back by this time and it showed he had had Legionnaire's disease.  The conference he had gone to was that famous Legionnaire's meeting.  His friend had died of the disease. 

OK gang, why don't you try this?  With a death rate of 20%-50% what could it hurt?  Those who are not yet hospitalized can try the titrating to bowel tolerance method (Do see your doctor and take his prescription probably of erythromycin.)   However, if you are in the hospital and can get your physician's cooperation, be given intravenous sodium ascorbate.   Recovery should be quite rapid.  It cannot hurt and may save your life.  There is no conflict between ascorbate and antibiotics and the ascorbate will, most probably, block any true allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

Bug outbreak 'treated like murder'

British Legionnaire's Disease Cases Reach 47

Britain's worst outbreak of legionnaires' disease grips town

2nd Autoworker Dies of Legionnaires, March 17, 2001

The massive doses of ascorbate almost always prevents secondary infections.

One dead in Ohio Legionnaire's outbreak, March 16, 2001

Legionnaire's Disease Closes Ford Plant, March 16, 2001

Legionnaire's disease closes Ford plant, March 14, 2001

Frantic over Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever Found in Seven D.C. Schools

6 D.C. Students Have Scarlet Fever

The Plague Dogs: The Black Death Is Decimating Montana Prairie Dogs

Army Asked To Fight Mosquito Virus

U.S. totally unprepared for bioterrorism

Mosquitoes Are Not Only A Pest But A Huge
Health Threat

US facing 'silent epidemic' of hepatitis C

Explanation of how Massive Doses of Ascorbate Cure Acute Viral Diseases from Colds to Polio and Lassa Fever, Etc., Distemper and Kennel Fever

Staph bug grows drug resistant

New Type of Drug-Resistant Bacteria Reaches England

Mystery Fever Hits British Troops

Scientists identify virus afflicting British
troops in Afghanistan

Girl dies of rare virus; 2 other deaths probed: Disease believed to be spread by rodents

A pilot study to ascertain carotid artery status in high potency vitamin C supplement takers

Aortic wall damage in mice unable to synthesize ascorbic acid

Virus Found In Mosquitoes, NYC Birds

Researchers Identify Killer Virus

Hospitals told to make emergency plans to cope with biological terrorism attacks

Aid worker with suspected Lassa fever is critical

If virus resurfaces, threat could grow, entomologist says

REPORT: Almost 2,000 people may have been infected with the West Nile virus in New York City...

Return of the killer virus that spread terror in New York

Massachusetts on mosquito alert

The Clogging of the Carotids with 500 mg/day Doses of Vitamin C.  (See toward the end of this site under another point of view.)

Comments on NEWS coverage on all this.

West Nile virus RNA found in New York mosquitoes

Decline In Lung Antioxidants Linked To Asthma Attacks

US Biological Attack Said Inevitable

US Intelligence Sees Growing Disease Threat

What Makes An Epidemic An Epidemic

It's Not A Flu Epidemic - Yet

20,000 may die from new flu in UK

Flu victims stored in lorry morgues

Virulent Flu Strain Taxes Hospitals

True Y2K Bug Hits: Influenza

From Medical Tribune: ‘C’ Is For Crucial Vitamin C is the most important water-soluble nutrient, by Ross Pelton.

Concerning the resistant tuberculosis coming out of prison camps in Russia and its inevitable spread around the world: there is good evidence that ascorbate would greatly assist in the treatment of this disease.

Concerning the Viral Encephalitis in New York (and apparently people in Connecticut should  be ready with this also):

Acute Induced Systemic Scurvy Watch   

            Comment by RFC: Note in all of these cases that develop into a  hemorrhagic fever, the toxicity of the disease is so severe as to deplete all of the bodies of vitamin C, this results in acute induced systemic scurvy which results in hemorrhaging from many tissues of the body. The administration of intravenous vitamin C in combination with the standard treatments for the disease would reduce the fatality rates of these diseases.   In all these diseases, if the serum vitamin C were to be measured, it would be found to be zero.  This then results in the breakdown of all tissues requiring collagen which includes blood vessels. Hemorrhage results (a classic sign of scurvy.)

    Graph of Normal Increasing Bowel Tolerance to Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

   Hypothesized Graph of Normal Increasing Bowel Tolerance to Ascorbic Acid in Hemorrhagic Fevers.

                600 cases of dengue including 10 cases of  hemorrhagic dengue

New Article: Why Don't Massive Doses of Ascorbate Produce Kidney Stones?  Breaking information about Nanobateria


Robert Cathcart, M.D. spoke at the Health Trends 2000 Conference August 27-29th at Radisson-SAS-Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen arranged by the Danish Society of Orthomolecular Medicine, "Vitamin C, The Premier Free Radical Scavenger."

   Slides of the above talk.



[ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]


[ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]


Publications of Fred R. Klenner, M.D.

Polimyelitis cured in the epidemic of 1948.

The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C.   Comment by RFC:  Note that this paper was published in 1949.

The Classic Paper on Intravenous Vitamin C

The Classic Paper by Fred R. Klenner, M.D,  1971, Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range Of A Vitamin In Human Pathology sodium ascorbateSee my article on how to make intravenous C solutions.  Comment by RFC:  This paper repeatedly refers to intravenous ascorbic acid.  My personal experience, my talking with Klenner, and with his wife, who served as his nurse, would indicate that he means sodium ascorbate when he uses ascorbate intravenously or intramuscularly.

Significance of High Daily Intake of Ascorbic Acid in Preventive Medicine, by Fred R. Klenner, M.D.



[ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]


Preparation of Intravenous Vitamin C - Sodium Ascorbate,   For MD's Only


Other Orthomolecular Physicians - (some sites under construction)

Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century, Describes how acute induced scurvy is the cause of SIDS, Descibed how innocent people are unjustly jailed for shaken baby syndrome, Describes the injustice of the Australian Nanny case (the most famous case of shaken baby syndrome.)  Describes many other nutritional problems of the Aboriginal children which are also present in white children all over the world.

Thomas Levy, M.D., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pulsed Intravenous Vitamin C (PIVC) Therapy

Review of Dr. Levy's book by Andrew Saul, PhD.





Robert Rowen, M.D., Educational Videos






The Roots of Molecular Medicine: A Tribute to Linus Paulimg

















Bert Berkson, M.D.,  Las Cruces, New Mexico

Bert Berkson's Triple Antioxidant Therapy for Hepatitis C

The Alpha-Lipoc Acid Breakthrough

Dr. Dennis Best, NMD, Naturopathic Physician, Tuscon, AZ


The Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Papers

Ian Dettman 

Orthomolecular Web Sites:







Abram Hoffer, M.D., PhD., F.R.C.P. (C)

[ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]


The Linus Pauling Institute

Linus Pauling Video Snippets

AMERICAN SCIENTISTS SAY  THEY INVENTED A CURE FOR HEART DISEASE IN 1991 This site is dedicated to the memory of Linus Pauling (1901-1994)

Evidence that Vitamin C Saves up to 621,000 Lives from Heart Disease Alone

Related Articles and Sites



Vitamin C in the Prevention and Treatment of Autism (1998)






Vitamin C, RDAs and Politics by Steven Wm. Fowkes

  • Symptoms of Wilson's Syndrome, functional hypothyroidism.
  • Medline search for Vitamin C
  • The Voice of Alternative Medicine, The Burton Goldberg Group.
  • CFIDS Association of America
  • CDC CFIDS Criteria
  • Clinical Ecology or Environmental Medicine

    John T. A. Ely, Ph.D.

  • Nutrition to Reverse Heart Disease -- Linus Pauling
  • MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Hot List
  • Trace Minerals -- Dr. Cooter
  • Vitamin Paradigm Wars -- A. Hoffer, M.D., PhD.
  • Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
  • Interactions between Vitamin C and Vitamin E Are Observed in Tissues of Inherently Scorbutic Rats
  • [ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]


    [ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]

    Other Resources




  • Dr. Andrew Saul, DoctorYourself.Com

  • Review of Dr. Levy's book on vitamin C by Andrew Saul, PhD.             


    Health News

    (note: I am leaving some of the following links in place even after they have been discontinued because they still serve to illustated the large number of articles coming out of the lay press that prove that nutrients are of value.  They put some of the statements in a following section "Another Point of View" in proper perspective.)

    Possible Use of Ascorbate in Bacteriologic Warfare


    Drug, Gulf War Syndrome link possible...

    I found this link on the Drudge Report but it comes up with a blank page with just the header.  I always wonder what is going on when references like this disappear.  I will try to keep on top of this.  The reason I was so interested in this is because massive doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid orally or sodium ascorbate intravenously) is helpul with the Gulf War Syndrome.  Subsequently, browsing the newspapers revealed that the suspected drug was a vaccination against nerve gas.

    [ Definition | PublicationsOrganizations | Resources | News | Another View | Nutri-Store ]

    Delay By Intellectualization

    As evidence of the value of nutrients, especially vitamin C, as illustrated in the articles above becomes more and more evident to the public, researches produce a mass of articles on minute aspects of vitamin C.  I have been consulted by many researchers who proposed bold studies of the effects of massive doses of ascorbate.   Every time the university center, the ethics committee, the pharmacy committee, etc. deny permission for the use of massive doses of ascorbate and render the study almost useless.  Seasoned researchers depending upon government grants do not even try to study adequate doses.  All of this results in a massive accumulation of knowledge about very little which gives the impression that there is no more of real importance to be learned. This accumulation of minutia hides the great effects of ascorbate already known by some.  The following sites reflect this problem.  As you read these learned papers, you will realize that they seem to be completely unaware of the uses of massive doses of ascorbate.  One of the most amusing aspects of this research are the speculations and research into the toxicity and other adverse reactions of tiny doses of ascorbate when many have used for years 20 to 100 times the amounts being discussed.


    Another Point of View

    This article clearly spells out part of how drug companies think.  Did you know that your health is subject to this kind of thinking?  Wake up.

    The other thing is the comment that B6 can be dangerous.  Yes, it can cause numbness and tingling, even finally a temporary paralysis but this is really not due to a B6 toxicity; it is an induced deficiency of other B vitamins causing beriberi or pellagra.   Anyone in orthomolecular medicine knows that you never give large doses of B6 without moderate doses of the other B vitamins.  If non-orthomolecular M.D.s would stop cutting vitamins, they might learn how to use them.

    Comment by RFC:  I really did not know where to put this article because it just illustrates a point of how much money and how many souls will be lost over a subject that is easily treated.  So far, I have never seen a case of acute viral hepatitis which was treated immediately with intravenous sodium ascorbate in the acute stage which ever persisted and went on to the chronic stage.  Usually, the jaundice is cleared in 4 to 5 days.  The SGOT and SGPT start dropping precipitously after the first IVC.  The patient feels better in 2 or 3 days.  Apparently the skin is stained and that is why the jaundice takes so long to go away.  It confounds me as to why this inexpensive, simple, nontoxic  treatment will not be applied to patients.

    Comment by RFC: The amounts of vitamin C advised here are too low even for well people because of the toxic contaminations in our environment.  However, the major problem of this article is the complete misunderstanding  or ignoring of the potential of massive doses of vitamin C in the treatment of various diseases such as infections of all sorts, trauma, surgery, burns, autoimmune diseases, prevention of most allergic reactions to antibiotics, the reduction of complications of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, acute pain, etc..  Additionally, the existence of chronic conditions in the patients body such as undetected allergies, chronic pain, all sorts of stress, EBV, CMV, Hepatitis A thru C and +, Herpes 1 thru 6 & +, HIV 1 & 2, over-colonization of the gut with yeast, parasites, and some unwanted bacteria, and many other as yet undiscovered organisms, etc.,  generating free radicals have to be considered in determining the proper dose of vitamin C in a particular person.

    See below how the the law is after the Quackbusters but now the same people have a new organization to continue their propaganda.  The National Council Against Health Fraud, Enhancing Freedom of Choice through Reliable Health (mis)Information.

    See the latest on how the idiot Quackbusters are taking gas!

    Quackpot Barrett Crushed in Federal Court - Again.., June 25, 2003.


    Quackwatch in Legal Trouble

    I advise that you first look at the Quackwatch website (the following link) and then read the various exposures of the character of the people behind them.  You will then understand the dangerousness of this type of thinking.  Unfortunately, much of  orthodoxy relies on such as Quackwatch.  The effect is genocidal.

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