Treatment of the flu with massive doses of vitamin C.

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  • Anyone going to the hospital with flu-like symptoms should be immediately started on massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  The massive doses, and only massive doses of ascorbate, will eliminate the free radicals that cause the deaths and most of the symptoms with the flu.

Mystery-death after flu symptoms

Mystery Illness Causes 3 Deaths in Texas

  • A major factor in all these mysterious deaths is free radicals.  Free radicals mediate the inflammations of all infectious diseases.  Therefore, the neutralization of free radicals with adequate doses of ascorbate will prevent these free radical deaths.  Whenever a person feels the onset of a disease such as this ascorbic acid should be taken by mouth to bowel tolerance.  If the disease is too severe or if the nausea and vomiting prevents bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid orally then intravenous sodium ascorbate should be given in massive amounts.  I would suggest 60 grams of sodium ascorbate in 500cc of water running continuously every 8 hours.  If this rate does not reverse all fever and all other symptoms in a few hours the rate should be increased to every 4 hours.  Depending upon symptoms and electrolyte balance the rate may be increased even further.  As symptoms are eliminated the rate can then be decreased.  Ascorbate administered properly will save these lives of those with these mysterious infectious diseases.  The only rational reason not to do so is to protect the profits of the drug industry.  To hell with them.  They have successfully hidden the fact that even polio was cured with intravenous sodium ascorbate back in 1948.

Mystery-death husband tells of flu symptoms, 'then a thump'


  • All of these cases should be immediately tested for blood levels of vitamin C and then when they are found to be scorbutic given massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbateIf this is a respiratory virus, it could be a world disaster.  All of these acute viral diseases kill by way of free radicals.  Massive doses of ascorbate will neutralize those free radicals.  What is critical is that enough be used.  It is a matter of chemistry.  This disease sounds somewhat like the hemorrhagic fevers, like Ebola.  They are probably about 500 gram diseases where the patient's ascorbate is wiped out very quickly.  Then the resulting scurvy causes hemorrhage all over the body.  The organs most directly involved by the infection (in these cases,  the lungs) will start to bleed first.

  • Ok, Ok, it is in New Zealand but it could possibly spread.  If the WHO wants to keep the ascorbate stonewalling secret, they better confine this one the way they did SARS.  However, this disease could make SARS look like a popgun.  With internet coverage and exchange of information, the vitamin C cure of acute infectious diseases is becoming much more difficult to keep secret.

  • This may be a false alarm but if a full blown hemorrhagic fever that spreads by the respiratory route gets going, they better learn to use massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate fast or millions will die.  It will already be too late for most because they are unprepared because they are so obsessed with finding cures that will be profitable to the drug industry.  Let us hope that among the millions that will die will be those genocidal idiots and members of their families who stonewalled vitamin C.  It is only a matter of time before some disaster like a full blown respiratory hemorrhagic fever breaks out.  It will too late for many if it does.

You ain't seen nothing yet

  • This article emphasizes the mess we are in just to protect the profits of the drug industry.  Since all these flues kill by way of free radicals, and free radicals can be neutralized with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate, essentially these massive doses of ascorbate will cure flues.  But no, that has to be kept a secret because it would make much of all this research talked about unnecessary.



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