Doses of Intravenous Sodium Ascorbate Indicated

My experience with giving massive doses of ascorbic acid orally to over 25,000 patients  and with giving intravenous sodium ascorbate to over 2,000 patients would indicate that with West Nile viral disease in gemeral and especially with the encephalitis that intravenous sodium ascorbate should be used in doses beginning with at least 120 grams per 24 hours.  If the fever is not controlled or the symptoms are not reduced, the dosage and the rate of administration should be increased until they are controlled.  The doses of 120 grams per 24 hours would be administered in 2 bottles of lactated Ringer's, D5W. or 1/2NS with 60 grams of sodium ascorbate (not ascorbic acid) added per 12 hours.  Do not be afraid of increasing the rate of administration.  When I give one to two of these bottles in the office I have them run in 2 to 3 hours each.  However, when administered in a hospital, the administration should be constant, around the clock at the rate and amount to eliminate the symptoms.  When I mention a rate that is administered in 24 hours, I mean just that, the rate.  If the fever does not abate in the first 3 or 4 hours, the rate should be increased to whatever necessary to break the fever.  However, when the fever and other symptoms abate then the rate of administration can be reduced.

Although some vitamin C for intravenous use is labeled ascorbic acid, it should be well buffered with sodium carbonate and/or sodium hydroxide and so is mostly sodium ascorbate.  It should contain no preservatives.  Pure sodium ascorbate solutions have a pH of 7.4 (physiologic, slightly alkaline) so do not worry about metabolic acidosis.  Pure ascorbic acid is too acid to administer in any quantity intravenously.

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Tom Levy has cured with intravenous Sodium Ascorbate two cases out of two cases of West Nile Virus.

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This is not unexpected but is no  problem because intravenous sodium ascorbate will neutralize the free radicals causing the paralysis if used in a timely fashion.  Klenner even cured polio, 60 cases out of 60 back in the 1940's with intravenous sodium ascorbate.

San Bernardino County woman 16th Californian to die of West Nile

This is too bad because almost all of these patients could be saved by the timely administration of massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously as out lined above.  Tom Levy, M.D. in Colorado has cured 2 patients out of the 2 patients with West Nile that he has seen.  The only reason not to use ascorbate is to protect the profits of the drug industry.

Google Search for"Vitamin C" and "West Nile" yields ~4,040 links

West Nile Cured by Tom Levy

Well, here it is.  What is obvious theoretically to everyone knowledgeable in the use of massive doses of vitamin C has now been proven.  Let us see how long it takes the genocidal lackeys looking out for the profits of the drug pushing industry to utilize this cure.  My guess is that they will not utilize this.  Long lived the profits of the drug industry.  To hell with the patients.

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