About the Pauling Therapy Handbook

Owen Fonorow’s Pauling Therapy Handbook (Practicing Medicine without a License) is the story of the “Pauling-therapy”, Owen’s moniker for Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath invention that apparently reverses heart disease in days.

Owen’s book describes nobelist Linus Pauling’s invention for treating and reversing cardiovascular disease, (the disease process that narrows arteries limiting blood flow and leading to a heart attack – also known simply as heart disease) and what happened to people who elected to take Pauling’s advice.

Owen is not a doctor, but the medical profession continues to ignore Linus Pauling, and Owen found himself feeling like a doctor by repeating what Pauling had said and written in various lectures and publications. Former heart patients began to recover quickly, often in approximately 10 days. Those that adhered to the high dose regimen experienced significant relief in as little as 30 days, erasing most of the evidence of their former illness.

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