Americans with Highest Blood Levels of Vitamins C and E have Lowest Mortality Rates

This news, from a study at Columbia University, repeats the findings of earlier studies measuring vitamin C in the blood. These studies provide strong evidence that Linus Pauling was correct that "in taking large amounts of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, people may extend their lives 20 to 30 years." (ref: How To Live Longer and Feel Better, 1986)

Press Release April 2015

Huge Vitamin C Price Increase May Be a Blessing in Disguise for Cancer Patients, Says Vitamin C Foundation

Rising costs of sterile vitamin C solution may have unexpected benefits as doctors return to early vitamin C therapy practices.

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Every time blood levels are measured in a study, the results are always the same: People Who Take More Vitamin C Live Longer

This 2003 study from the UK (which also measured blood levels of vitamin C) ANTIOXIDANT VITAMINS AND MORTALITY IN OLDER PERSONS and the same remarkable finding.
RESULTS: Strong inverse relationship for blood ascorbate (vitamin C) concentrations with all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality, Those in the lowest fifth (< 17 micromol/L) had the highest mortality, whereas those in the highest fifth (> 66 micromol/L) had a mortality risk nearly half that (hazard ratio = 0.54; 95% CI: 0.34, 0.84). In fully adjusted models, there was no evidence for an influence of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin-E), beta-carotene, or retinol (vitamin-A) on total mortality.

High Vitamin K Blood Levels Reduce All Cause Mortality...

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The Vitamin That Conquered The World!

The old name for scurvy was scorbutes; so vitamin C, once identified, was quickly christened a-scorbutic acid; or ascorbic acid. Ignore the deluded ninnies that think ascorbic acid is something evil and not real vitamin C! It's as daft as saying H20 isn't water! And before you write to tell me: ascorbic acid is the name for both natural and synthetic vitamin C and BOTH work just fine, because they are identical. - Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

The One Thing To Know About Vitamin C

All humans are born with a genetic defect. Our livers are missing a key enzyme; xl-gulono-§-lactone oxidase that is required to synthesize ascorbic acid from glucose. The loss of a single working gene prevents you from making your own vitamin C. The negative mutation of the so-called GULO gene has been well studied in both human and primate genomes. If this negative mutation could be corrected, most people wouldn't need to supplement vitamin C.

Thanks to modern science, it is easy and inexpensive for you to correct for this damaged gene: supplement your diet with vitamin C -- ascorbic acid or one of its salts.

As with any inherited malfunction, our inability to produce the GULO enzyme has many negative consequences. Most people believe that they can obtain enough vitamin C in their foods, or else they supplement too little. While the food argument generally holds true for most other vitamins, the idea that you can obtain the vitamin C necessary in food is countered by the fact that so few other species have evolved with a GULO-like genetic defect.

Most living things today make their own vitamin C and do not have to eat it. They do this by converting glucuronic acid (C6H10O7) derived from glucose (C6H12O6) into ascorbic acid (C6H8O6). The well known exceptions that cannot make their own vitamin C are guinea pigs, fruit eating bats, the red vented bulbul bird and some higher primates (e.g. gorillas and we humans).

With a working GULO gene, humans would make their own vitamin C in "fantastic" amounts by today's standards.

In the 1930s, Dr. Claus W. Jungblut, an early pioneer of vitamin C therapy. discovered that only primates and guinea pigs were susceptible to scurvy as well as anaphylactic shock, pulmonary tuberculosis, diptheritic intoxication, a poliomyelitis-like viral infection and a viral form of leukemia. None of the vitamin C synthesizing laboratory animals had susceptibility to these diseases.

Gorillas in captivity are susceptible to the same set of diseases and we share other conditions with these primates that are not common in other species (e.g., cardiovscular disease [*]). Linus Pauling elucidated in his Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease paper, and in a video-taped lecture, that a large consequence of our genetic deficiency is our tendency to develop cardiovascular disease; a primary cause of death. (See:

Correcting the GULO mutation requires more vitamin C than is commonly recommended by medical and governmental authorities. Animals produce much more vitamin C in their bodies than what we can obtain from the meager dosages often recommended for humans. Adjusted for body weight and under ordinary conditions, animals have been found to produce between 3,000 mg and 13,000 mg of ascorbic acid daily. A goat under stress may produce over 100,000 mg of ascorbic acid daily. As these animals make their own ascorbic acid, the molecule enters the blood stream intact (directly from the liver or kidney).

Ascorbate (another term now used for vitamin C) is volatile and reacts easily with other substances. This means we lose some vitamin C when we eat it during digestion. Scientists have estimated that 50% or more of the vitamin C taken by mouth may not reach the blood stream intact (is not bio-available). The loss increases as the dosage by mouth increases. (Note: The new truly encapsulated liposomal vitamin C increases bio-availability and may even be 100% absorbed at the recommended dosagesj See Foundation Approved Liposomal Vitamin C)

Linus Pauling according to a biography[*] did not begin taking vitamin C until his sixth decade of life. At the age when most of us retire, Pauling instead became a champion of vitamin C. Pauling wrote that his daily intake of ascorbic acid was 18,000 mg. Pauling's reasoning behind his dosage is interesting. He tells us during a 1980s video-taped lecture on Vitamin C and Cancer that his personal dosage was based on his body weight and the expected loss of ascorbate taken by mouth.

Pauling knew that on average, mammals of his body weight have evolved to make 9,000 mg of vitamin C throughout a typical day. Pauling experimentally determined that at this dosage, he lost approximately 50% of the vitamin C during digestion. For this reason he doubled the dosage an animal would produce and he consumed 18,000 mg daily in two divided dosages (i.e., 2 dosages of 9,000 mg twice daily). He said this 18 gram daily dosage would account for the loss, and approximate the blood and tissue concentrations of species that make their own ascorbate.

Linus Pauling pointed out that vitamin C has no known toxicity, so there is little risk from this dosage. Pauling lived to the age of 93, and as his last video lecture on heart disease proves (given without notes), his mind at age 92 was still sharp and exceptional.

Take Home Message

We may be at the onset of creating human life spans longer than 125 years. Linus Pauling anticipated that anti-aging science would discover significant longevity benefits from taking high amounts of vitamin C. He stated this belief in his still authoritative book How To Live Longer and Feel Better. Pauling wrote that although he couldn't prove it at the time, he believed that by taking his recommended high anti-oxidant regimen, especially vitamin C, human beings could extend their period of healthy life, perhaps 20 or 30 years.

As more people become interested in the new anti-aging nutrient science and technologies, including and especially telomerase activation medicine, they may not consider vitamin C all that important. We beg to differ. In our opinion, there is no other nutritional supplement more important for its anti-aging properties. It makes little sense to attempt to extend life while ignoring this easily correctable genetic defect. Any anti-aging and life span extending technology, in our opinion, begins with Vitamin C replacement to account for the damaged GULO gene.



The price of sterilized vitamin C for injection has more than quadrupled overnight. New Federal regulations combined with the increased demand caused by the widespread use of intravenous vitamin C for the treatment of cancer are the primary reasons. The dramatic price increase has spurred doctors who utilize intravenous vitamin C therapy to seek out lower-cost options. These options may work even better.

"Vitamin C Foundation approved sodium ascorbate (Cathcart Quali-C®) formulation is amazing. Again, I was shocked at how superior it was compared to the other vitamin C powder I was using. Patients noticed it, I noticed it, . . pretty incredible." - D. C. K., MD

For strictly legal reasons, most doctors would prefer purchasing a sterile solution from a national pharmaceutical company, such as Merit or McGuff. As of yesterday, the price was $75 for a 50 gram vial, or $375 for 250 grams. Last month, before the new regulations, the price was $75 for 250 grams.

A local compounding pharmacy still charges $100 for 250 grams of sterile Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate (500 CC bottle), and ships to any destination in the United States.

The Vitamin C Foundation believes the price rise may be a blessing in disguise because doctors may return to the ways of the early pioneers of vitamin C therapy. Vitamin C pioneers, such as Fredrick Klenner, MD., Robert Chathcart, III, MD , would mix the vitamin for infusion just prior to the intravenous administration, keeping the vitamin fresh. Their methods may be vastly more potent than today's commercial vials, where the vitamin C is in solution for long periods "on the shelf."

The results of the early pioneers using vitamin C intravenously were so profound that two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling began championing the cause of vitamin C.

A spokesperson for the compounding pharmacy when asked about the price increase said yesterday,"Nobody will ever again be able to offer vitamins C injection for costs close to what they had been."

The reasons given include

  • Cost of ingredients,
  • New regulations. Federal intervention in a process that had been regulated solely by states.
  • Restrictions on who a pharmacy can sell to. Cannot sell to doctors in bulk
  • The process of sterilization is costly - especially making sterile powders.
  • Drug manufacturers are not making the preparation - instead of making 1,000 vials at a time, pharmacists will make 1 or 2 (loss of economy of scale).
  • Insurance for pharmacies making sterile products went up dramatically - ours went up almost $10,000 per year.
  • Demand.

All this sounds like, and is, bad news, except for the fact that vitamin C loses its potency in water over time. The Foundation has estimated that the premixed commercial vials of vitamin C for injection may lose perhaps 50% potency on the shelf (and because of the travel time, even a compounder's solution will experience a loss in potency.)

"Safety has never been an issue with intravenous vitamin C, even at dosages as high as 200 grams," says Vitamin C Foundation founder and CEO Owen Fonorow. "So the new regulations must have more to do with protecting pharmaceutical interests than the pubic health."

It also turns out there is nothing better than vitamin C itself to sterilize the mixture. According to the world expert, the late Robert Cathcart, III, MD, "I do not worry about the sterility of the stock solution because sodium ascorbate in solution is very bacteriocidal." More than fourteen thousand patients from around the world received their intravenous vitamin C from Dr. Cathcart.

Another problem is that the commercial firms offer products in vials for injection marked "ascorbic acid." This can be confusing, especially for doctors new to IV/C therapy, because these products imply that ascorbic acid can be used intravenously. If the company is responsible, these products labeled ascorbic acid for injection are buffered per the USP, but they are still premixed, allowing the ascorbate to rapdily break down by at least 50% in 4 hours.

Experts such as Cathcart told the Foundation that they recommend using only sodium ascorbate intravenously.

This Cathcart youtube lecture on the preparation of vitamin C for IV use is the main tutorial.

And this written document IVC Preparation and Use has been updated.

Dr. Cathcart recommended using major brands of sodium ascorbate powder, e.g. Bronson or Wholesale Nutrition sodium ascorbate, but the Foundation recommends using the China-free DSM Quali-C sodium ascorbate powder.

The DSM Quali-C sodium ascorbate powder approved by the Foundation is less than $50 for 250 grams, versus the $100 dollars from a compounder, and $375 for a standard vial.

Visit our forum conversation on this topic.

Ebola - Does This Super-Virus Cause a Super-Vitamin C Deficiency?

Vitamin C experts such as Dr. Robert Cathcart, III, MD and Dr. Thomas E Levy, MD, JD have published their ideas for treating the Ebola virus with high dosages of Vitamin C. They have noted that the symptoms of the Ebola virus are similar to a very rapid and powerful scurvy (i.e. a super-vitamin C defiency). Even if this isn't the primary action of the virus, the effect is the same because any powerful viral infection will deplete ascorbate tissues stores per Dr. Cathcart's Titrating Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance finding. The sicker a person is, the more vitamin C they can tolerate without diarrhea.

It may very well be that large Bowel Tolerance dosages of vitamin C against Ebola are too little too late. Instead, if you, like most people, don't have ready access to intravenous vitamin C, you may want to employ the Russel Jaffe, MD, PhD, Vitamin C Calibration/Cleanse protocol. This protocol was designed for heavy metal detoxification, and it should not be discontinued before the flush because any toxins mobilized by vitamin C need to be excreted.

Note: The Foundation understands that Dr. Jaffee recommends an ascorbate salt rather than ascorbic acid for this procedure. There are reasons to believe that ascorbic acid would be twice as effective, and we believe that all forms of pure vitamin C may be used, perhaps at the same time. See: Forum Discussion on Jaffe Cleanse/Calibration.

In case of suspected Ebola we recommend the following Jaffe protocol.

Jaffe Cleanse:
  1. Setup: Determine the largest single dosage that will not cause diarrhea. (This step must be done ahead of time, i.e. right now, if you are not a regular vitamin C "mega" doser.) The one-time dosage is usually 1.5 gram (healthy people) or 3 grams (feeling poorly) or 6 (up to 12 grams - chronically ill).

  2. Cleanse: Take the one-time maximum dosage every 15 minutes until the flush, i.e., watery discharge (loose stools don't count.) The watery flush usually occurs before the two hour mark.
    Note: When you are well, you can use Dr. Jaffe's Calibration procedure to help you estimate how much vitamin C you should be taking daily. The optimal daily amount is usually put at 75% of your two-hour calibration.

    Figure 3:
    "Based on ascorbate calibration, it is evident from Figure 3 that 80% of people require at least 10 g of ascorbate (vitamin C) daily for optimum physiological function, and this amount can be as high as 130g/day." - Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD

    Ascorbate Calibration as measure of ReDox, methylation efficiency, and inflammation or repair deficit (PDF) See Appendix I, Page 32 (Originally published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.)

Promise of Liposomal Vitamin C Against Acute Infection

Thomas Levy, MD, JD, has published his clinical observations that highly encapsulated liposomal vitamin C may exceed the effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C clinically by a factor of 10! (gram for gram). The Foundation refers to this effect fighting acute infections as the Levy Amplification Effect.

Some experts disagree, such as Dr. Steven Hickey, PhD, who believes that it is impossible for liposomal vitamin C to be more effective than intravenous vitamin C which is infused directly into the vein. The argument is a matter or reasonableness. However, this argument is not based on evidence from clinical studies, and Hickey may be ignoring an important clinical effect. We have observed the very same effect against infection as we amass reports from users of our our new China-FREE Liposomal Vitamin C.

What if All Vitamin C Isn't Created Equal?

Vitamin C comes in many forms. The most common form of vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid (Hydrogen Ascorbate). Vitamin C does not have to be acidic. It is also found in various alkaline forms; the mineral ascorbates: e.g. Sodium Ascorbate, Calcium Ascorbate, Magnesium Ascorbate, Potassium Ascorbate, etc.

Note that all forms are "ascorbates." It is really the "ascorbate" portion of each molecule that has vitamin C activity. Chemists refer to vitamin C as the ascorbate ion, but the ascorbate fraction rapidly attaches to some other ion (e.g. hydrogen, sodium, calcium, magnesium potassium, etc.). Usually, vitamin C is referred to as the most common form: Ascorbic Acid. (Note ascorbic acid is a weak acid, having about the same acidity as a cola soft drink)

Vitamin C also comes in different shapes in three-dimensional space. The different shapes of the ascorbate fraction have the same atoms, but the atoms are arranged differently, much like the right hand is the same but different than the left hand. This is called chirality in chemistry, and Linus Pauling told us that there are exactly four different shapes ("sterioisomers") of the ascorbate ion, and they are L-ascorbate, D-ascorbate, LD-ascorbate and DL-ascorbate. Pauling also informs us that only the L-ascorbate shape has vitamin C activity, i.e. only the L- shape can cure the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy.

Confused by the Recent Anti-Vitamin C Stories in the News?!

Don't be, Vitamin C is safer and works better than prescription medications for a wide range of conditions. Here you will find accurate scientifically-based information about vitamin C.

The first thing to note about the spate of negative stories is that they aren't based upon some new study. Another clue is that they range across various potential medical uses of vitamin C? Can you think of some reason that may have prompted them?

Here is a link that may provide a hint. HOW YOU CAN HELP COUNTER THE PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN AIMED AT MEDICAL ALTERNATIVES This article by one of the co-founders of the Vitamin C Foundation was written in 1996! Not much has changed in almost 20 years.

Vaccine World Summit (FREE)

In response to the 'vaccine hysteria', we've created the "VACCINE WORLD SUMMIT" - over 3 hours of the best medical information you've ever heard about infectious diseases; vaccine safety and natural solutions for disease. - Jonathan Landsman,

Must See Documentary:

Here is your Link to Watch The BOUGHT Film FREE Before Its Taken Offline in March (Window has been Extended).

How We Harm Our Children

The steadily increasing rate of autism among American children has risen geometrically since 2011 and is now estimated to be one case in every 48 births. Perhaps even more alarmingly, now 1 in 6 children are born with a diagnosed mental defect or disability. As the BOUGHT documentary vividly illustrates, there will soon be more disabled Americans born than the healthy to take care of them.

What is happening? The documentary may explain why our children are being harmed in unprecedented numbers.

This skype interview of Dr. Toni Bark, MD (Making of Bought) is of poor picture quality, but it is worth viewing, and in many ways, this interview is more revealing than the film itself.

What is our interest in this? Vitamin C will neutralize many of the toxins in vaccines and should be routinely given to children with their immunizations

Podcast: Expert Medical School Researcher on Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer

Intravenous Vitamin C for cancer: Integrative pioneer Dr. Jeanne Drisko shares her research on IV C, ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen as effective adjuncts to conventional treatments for cancer--just taking ordinary vitamin C by mouth isn't the same!

Study Finds Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB

Published on May 21, 2013
Dr. William Jacobs, Jr. has determined that vitamin C kills drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) bacteria in laboratory culture. The paper was published online May 21, 2013 in Nature Communications. Dr. Jacobs is professor of microbiology & immunology and of genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Jacobs is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. See accompanying release: Study Finds Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB and the Video:

How Vitamin C Can Help You Live a Better Life

Informed lecture on the history, basics and dosage range for ascorbate. Dr. Daniel Chong, N.D.  Podcast Show Notes

Linus Pauling Institute Fails Linus Pauling.

The truth about vitamin C: Vitamin C: Myths And Reality Outside The Research Laboratory

By Bill Sardi.

Food for Thought

Do you have a child with Autism, or know someone with Autism or other neurological disorders?

If so, This must-see video explains how one mother changed her autistic child's life with diet.

Vitamin C Linked to Reduced Stroke Risk Finally reported by a mainstream media.

Intravenous Vitamin C Benefits Mesothelioma and other Cancers.

The Common Cold and the Flu can be Cured -- if Ultra-high Dose Vitamin C is Initiated Quickly

See our: Surefire Cure for the Common Cold and the Flu

China-Free Liposomal Vitamin C is now available

NEW: For the first time ever, the World's Finest Vitamin C (Quali-C®) encapsulated in pharmaceutical-grade liposomes.

Information on the New Liposomal Product The bioavailability of an intravenous infusion without the needles.

Purchase China-Free Liposomal Vitamin C Online or call 800-894-9025. Note: Quantity discount price breaks: (Scroll to bottom of the product description for the table of discounts)

We predict that a fraction of vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes (gram for gram) is required to suppress a cold. If you feel a cold coming on and are willing to experiment, please join our forum and let us know if 8 grams (to start) of liposomal vitamin C, and then 4 grams three hours later, and then another 4 grams 3 hours later (for a total of 16 grams) has the same cold-suppression effect as our standard protocol.

Note: liposomal vitamin C takes 2 to 3 hours before peaking vitamin C levels in the blood.

Chronic Scurvy Update

"I think I know what the answer is... we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of this (vitamin C and lysine) therapy... even cure it.... Its almost miraculous..." - Linus Pauling (1992 Heart Disease Video)

Owen's Wife Marianne's December 2013 Heart Scan/Calcium Scores

Zero Calcium Score (PDF)
Zero Percentile (PDF)
Note: She takes Cardio-C daily.

Notice About our Privacy Policy

Naperville Nov 2013: We do not share or sell customer information. Period. Did you recently receive a spam/marketing email? We want you to know that it was not from or authorized by the Vitamin C Foundation.

NOTE: The correct phone numbers to reach us are 800-894-9025 (USA Toll Free) and 630-983-6707 (Worldwide)

If in doubt about what products to purchase, look for our trademarked Vitamin C Foundation Approved ® Seal on the label.

Looking for Dr. Robert Cathcart's ORTHOMED Web Site?

After Dr. Robert Cathcart, III, MD passed, his web domain was purchased by a firm in Germany. Fortunately, Dr. Cathcart had the foresight to ask us to copy his entire domain to our web site.

Dr. Cathcart's original web site now starts from . In otherwords, prefix "" to the old web addresses/links.

For example, Dr. Cathcart's famous TITRATING TO BOWEL TOLERANCE paper now located

Vitamin C Dosage in Disease Cathcart's Bowel Tolerance paper in PDF suitable for printing.

L-Carnitine Significantly Improves Patient Outcomes Following Heart Attack, Study Suggests
Apr. 11, 2013 . L-carnitine significantly improves cardiac health in patients after a heart attack, say a multicenter team of investigators in a study published today in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Their findings, based on analysis of key controlled trials, associate L-carnitine with significant reduction in death from all causes and a highly significant reduction in ventricular arrhythmias and anginal attacks following a heart attack, compared with placebo or control.
In an odd coincidence, only 3 days prior to the release of the real Mayo Clinic study about carnitine, a story with the opposite information about carnitine was released, per this article in the Huffinton post L-Carnitine, Nutrient In Red Meat, Linked With Heart Disease The first story was discussed by our forum at this topic

Amazing 10-Times Anti-Cancer Effect of Mushroom D-Fraction and Vitamin C Together Make it into a Mainstream Journal
Induction of Cell Death in Renal Cell Carcinoma With Combination of D-Fraction and Vitamin C.
Conclusion: The present study demonstrates that the combination of PDF and VC can become highly cytotoxic, inducing severe cell death in ACHN cells.

There Should Be No Debate on Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Oxidative Stress: A Novel and Efficient Strategy to Kill Cancer Cells
We explored therefore a selective exposure of cancer cells to an oxidative stress induced by pro-oxidant mixtures containing pharmacological doses of vitamin C and a redox active compound such as menadione (vitamin K3). Indeed, the combination of vitamin C (which accumulates in hepatoma cells) and a quinone undergoing a redox cycling (vitamin K3) leads to an oxidative stress that kills cancer cells in a selective manner.

Vitamins C, E Reduce DNA Damage Induced by Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Anti-freeze Tainted Vitamin C Makes its Way to USA from China...
A Minneapolis-based food firm this week sued one of its ingredient suppliers, alleging that antifreeze-tainted vitamin C made its way from China into thousands of boxes of Malt-O-Meal-branded cereal.
Note: Vitamin C Foundaton Approved® Vitamin C is NOT Made in China

Even Low Dose Vitamin C Plus Zinc Supplements Fight Common Cold (2 studies)
It is amazing that researchers from a major drug company reported two trials in The Journal of International Medical Research that demonstrated that taking vitamin C plus zinc supplements helps relieve the common cold symptoms and reduce the illness duration.

Silvia Maggini at Bayer Consumer Care Ltd in Basel, Switzerland and colleagues presented data from two preliminary, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials in which patients with the common cold were given a combination of 1000 mg vitamin C and 10 mg zinc for five days.

In both trials, the vitamin C plus zinc supplement nonsignificantly reduced rhinorrhoea duration by 9 to 27 percent. In an analysis of combined data from the two trials of 94 subjects, the vitamin C plus zinc supplement reduced rhinorrhoea over a 5-day treatment more effectively than placebo.

Vitamin C Reduces the Liver Injury Induced by MSG

New Study Shows Vitamin C Prevents Bone Loss in Animal Models
Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have shown for the first time in an animal model that vitamin C actively protects against osteoporosis, a disease affecting large numbers of elderly women and men in which bones become brittle and can fracture. The findings are published in the October 8 online edition of PLoS ONE.

Higher RDA for Vitamin C Needed, How Much and Why
The result, according to Frei, is that "Significant numbers of people in the US and around the world are deficient in vitamin C, and there's growing evidence that more of this vitamin could help prevent chronic disease."

Higher Levels of Vitamin C Help Cut Heart Disease, Cancer
Washington: The recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, of vitamin C is less than half what it should be, scientists have argued in a recent report.

Vitamin C Deficiency Accelerates Bone Loss

Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega 3 Fatty Acids Help Children's Asthma

IV Vitamin C Achieves Clinical Success with Prostate and Breast Cancer
IV (intravenous) vitamin C therapy has already been clinically proven to markedly improve quality of life for cancer patients, but a new landmark study has shown for the first time it can reduce inflammation and tumor markers in prostate cancer and breast cancer patients. Inflammation markers reduced in 76 percent of cancer patients. The science behind IV vitamin C as a cancer therapy is now advancing faster than ever before, with six clinical trials currently underway worldwide, including colorectal, prostate, pancreatic and other cancers.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A Blood Serum Levels Found to be Low in People with Dementia.
The concentration of vitamin C and beta-carotene in the serum of those with Alzheimer's disease-patients were significantly lower than in the blood of control subjects, but there was no such difference between the groups who took vitamin E, lycopene and coenzyme Q10. Potential confounding factors such as education, civil status, body mass index, consumption of alcohol and tobacco were considered in the statistical analysis.

Study: Vitamin C Helps Children with Autism
Michelle Cobb Dolske of University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama and colleagues tested vitamin C in children with autism and found supplementation of this vitamin at a dose of 8 grams per 70kg per day for 30 weeks reduced symptom severity.

Study: Serum Vitamin C and other Antioxidants Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
Monday Sept 3, 2012 ( -- A Japanese study recently published in the journal Climacteric suggests that maintaining a high antioxidative potential by taking antioxidant supplements such as such as vitamin E and vitamin C, Vitamin A and Carotenoids,Selenium, CoEnzyme Q10, Alpha-lipoic acid may help reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes in women who are experiencing the transition of menopausal status. The study led by J.T. Chen and K. Kotani of Jui-Tung Chen Clinic in Tokyo found severity of menopausal symptoms inversely linked to serum levels of antioxidant potential in women at menopause.

Superbug Succumbs to Vitamin-Boosted Immune System
Researchers found that vitamin B3 (nicotinamide, NAM) pretreatment boosted levels of C/EBP. in neutrophils, and resulted in up to 1,000-fold greater level of pathogen clearance after three hours when compared with untreated blood.

Vitamin C Improves Sperm DNA Quality in Older Men
Scientists assessed 80 healthy male volunteers between 22 and 80 years old. The men over 44 who had the most vitamin C in their diet had 20 percent less sperm DNA damage compared to their peers who consumed the least vitamin C, the researchers said

Study: Asthma/COPD Sufferers Worse when Vitamin C Blood Levels Low
People who have asthma and COPD are more vulnerable to particulate air pollution if they have low levels of vitamin C in their blood, a study from London found.

Study: Intravenous Vitamin C Relieves Pain Induced by Herpes Zoster Virus
Intravenous injection of vitamin C can help relieve pain and dematologic symptoms of shingles induced by herpes zoster, a new study in the April 2012 issue of Medical Science Monitor.

Even Low Dose Vitamins C/E Benefit Women on Oral Contraceptives

Small Amount (500 mg) of Vitamin C Improves Pulmonary Function in Newborns of Pregnant Smoking Women

Japan: Vitamin C Prevents Radiation Damage

Vitamin C Rapidly Improves Emotional State of Acutely Hospitalized Patients, Study Suggests

New Function of Vitamin C: Treating Alzheimer's disease
"When we treated brain tissue from mice suffering from Alzheimer's disease with vitamin C, we could see that the toxic protein aggregates were dissolved. Our results show a previously unknown model for how vitamin C affects the amyloid plaques", says Katrin Mani, reader in Molecular Medicine at Lund University.

Vitamin C Shown to Boost Cell Regeneration and Aid Stem Cell Research
According to a new study published by Cell Press, vitamin C boosts the production of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which offer a potential for regenerative medicine.

Vitamin C 'Cures' Mice with Accelerated Aging Disease
In the research report, a team of Canadian scientists shows that vitamin C stops and even reverses accelerated aging in a mouse model of Werner's syndrome, but the discovery may also be applicable to other progeroid syndromes.

Study: Vitamin C has Crucial Anti-ageing Properties

Study: Vitamin C can Halt Premature Aging (Canada)

Study: Vitamin E and C Help Traumatic Brain Injuries


Researchers Stop Diabetes Damage with High Doses of Vitamin C
Researchers at the Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center have found a way to stop the damage caused by Type 1 diabetes with the combination of insulin and a common vitamin found in most medicine cabinets.

While neither therapy produced desired results when used alone, the combination of insulin to control blood sugar together with the use of Vitamin C, stopped blood vessel damage caused by the disease in patients with poor glucose control. "We had tested this theory on research models, but this is the first time anyone has shown the therapy's effectiveness in people," said Michael Ihnat, Ph.D., principal investigator and a pharmacologist at the OU College of Medicine Department of Cell Biology.

2011: Study of 232,007 Find Significantly Lower Risk of Diabetes Associated with the Use of Vitamin C Supplements

Study: Vitamin C Shown to Help Type II Diabetics

Nutritional Supplements (Esp. Vitamin C) Key to Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy (DR)

Liquid Chromatography Reveals Vitamin C Deficiency Common in Dialysis Patients

Vitamins and Minerals Lower Risk of Mortality Study Confirms

Plasma vitamin C concentrations predict 42% lower risk of incident stroke over 10 y in 20,649 participants

Vitamin C 'A Must' During Pregnancy
A new study has announced that poor absorption of vitamin C during pregnancy may decrease a baby's chances of survival.

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that a specific protein called Slc23a1 may regulate the ability of a newborn's kidneys to absorb the nutrient. Having adequate levels of vitamin C during pregnancy can ensure that a number of bodily systems run smoothly.

2011: Vitamin C Strengthens Eye and Brain Function
"We found that cells in the retina need to be bathed' in relatively high doses of vitamin C, inside and out, to function properly"

Total vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, and Dehydroascorbic Acid (Oxidized Vitamin C) Concentrations in Plasma of Critically Ill Patients
Supports similar findings by Willis in 1950s that chronically ill patients have very low vitamin C levels.

2011: Low Plasma Vitamin C Linked to Cataract
The tests and analyses revealed vitamin C was significantly inversely associated with cataract, while lutein, zeaxanthin, retinol, .-carotene, and .-tocopherol were linked to a much smaller effect on cataract. On type of cataract (nuclear, posterior subcapsular or cortical), vitamin C had a similar inverse association, while the other antioxidants had no significantly observable association.

2011 Study Confirms Strong Correlation between Lack of Vitamin C and Higher Incidence of Cataracts

Celebrities Flocking to Wellness Centers, Paying Hundreds of Dollars for Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

Read more Vitamin C News

Heart Disease

Recent Articles re: Vitamin C News Heart Disease

Reversing Heart Disease with a Vitamin Dr. Cobb is a physician and one of our customers. His article reprinted with permission from

Three Case of Heart Disease Reversed by Dr. Cobb.
Her MD then told her that "I don't usually get to tell a patient this, but" - she didn't have heart disease any more, there was no need to put stents in, and she should come back in two years.

"In financial terms, my total income from these 3 reversals of heart disease is $65.00."

New Book Written by and about another Pauling-therapy Success story.

Letter: Yet Another Pauling Therapy Success: Former Congressman Berkley Bedell

Berkley Bedell is Chairman of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine ( While in congress, he was a co-sponsor of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of health. He is and has been a great friend of alternative medicine. We were told that he had a nearly fatal illness earlier this year (i.e., that he was near death from heart disease after three heart attacks.) Bedell was sent a "care package" of our Cardio-C and literature. Today, we were happy to receive this cautiously optomistic letter from him! (Aug 20, 2012)

Moderate Doses of Vitamin C Lower Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol Protects Against Infections and Atherosclerosis (Heart Disease)(Oxford Journal of Medicine)

A Novel in vivo Study of Vitamin C and Heart Disease
"Some rodents (those in one of the two hypoxia groups and in one of the two control groups) were given vitamin C water daily for its antioxidant effects. When the pups were born, the researchers noticed dramatic differences between the various groups. Rats born of hypoxic pregnancy with no vitamin C treatment showed increased thickening of the walls of the aorta.up to 170% above normal. and molecular markers of disease, such as an increase in the heart's heat shock proteins, a signal of cardiac oxidative stress. When the pups grew to adulthood, at about 4 months, their hearts pumped consistently harder and faster than normal, which, over the long term is a known predictor of eventual heart failure. The pups also showed obstructions in their large arteries, just as people developing cardiovascular disease do. These changes were not seen in newborn and adult offspring of hypoxic pregnancies treated with vitamin C, the team reports online today in PLoS ONE. "

Dec 2011 - Korea: Research Showing that High Levels of Vitamin C Help People with Heart Failure to Live Longer

Aug 2011 - UK: Low plasma Vitamin C Predicts Incident Heart Failure
"The risk of heart failure increased with decreasing plasma vitamin C; Every 20 .mol/L increase in plasma vitamin C concentration (1 SD) was associated with a 9% relative reduction in risk of heart failure after adjustment for age, sex, smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, occupational social class, educational level, systolic blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol concentration, and body mass index, with similar result if adjusting for interim coronary heart disease."

Audio (5 minutes): Intro to Sydney Bush's Cardioretinometry "Absolutely Stunning", "Biggest Development in Cardiology this Century", "Should Rock Every Cardiologist..." -- Talk Show Host Jeff Rense

More About CardioRetinometry ˊ

Curing Heart Disease W/Vitamin C Before X-Rays Can Show It

Israeli Study: Antioxidant Vitamins C/E Keep Arterial Blood Vessels Healthy in Smokers/Drinkers

Long-Term Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Administration Reverses Endothelial Vasomotor Dysfunction in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease

Vitamin C Treatment Lowers Elevated C-Reactive Protein

Vitamin C and Cardiovascular Disease - The Untold story

Vitamin C Cuts Smoking-Induced Atherosclerosis Risk

Vitamin C Improves Myocardial Perfusion in Elective PCI

Scientists show Vitamin C Protects Against Hypertension-Induced DNA Damage

Vitamin C Quickly Boosts Smokers' Blood Circulation

Higher Vitamin C Levels Linked to Lower Blood Pressure

Vitamin C Fights Heart Disease

Read more Vitamin C and Heart Disease


Recent Articles About Vitamin C and Cancer

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® Chicago-area Cancer Clinic

NIH: Pharmacologic Ascorbic Acid Concentrations Selectively Kill Cancer Cells

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® Chicago-area Cancer Clinic

Study: Long Term Use of Antioxidant Supplements Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer in Half
Taking antixodant vitamins for a long term may help prevent breast cancer, according to a study published in the Aug 24, 2011 issue of BMC Cancer. The study led by S.Y. Pan of Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and colleagues showed that premenopausal women who had taken zinc supplements for 10 years or longer were 54 percent less likely to develop breast cancer, compared to those who had not. The study also showed that supplementation of multivitamin, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc for 10 or more years was associated with 26, 42, 21, 25, and 53 percent reduced risk of breast cancer, respectively, in postmenopausal women. On the other hand, dietary antioxidants including beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc or supplementation of antioxidants for less than 10 years were not associated with reduced risk of developing breast cancer.

Study: Antioxidant Intake Significantly Decreases Pancreatic Cancer Risk by 67%
What researchers found was that those who consumed the most selenium roughly halved their risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to participants with the lowest intake. Even more remarkable, participants in the top 25 percent of consumption of vitamins C, E and selenium reduced their risk by 67 percent. The authors concluded that this amount of reduced risk could possibly prevent 8 percent of pancreatic cancers.

Vitamin C Induces "Cancer-Cell Suicide" in Pancreatic Cancer.

Study: Vitamins E, C Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
The study led by E. Bidoli of Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, IRCCS, Aviano, (PN), Italy and colleagues found men who had highest vitamin E intake were 22 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer, compared to those who had the lowest intake.

A similar association was found between vitamin C intake and risk of prostate cancer. Men who had the highest intake were 14 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer compared with those who had the lowest intake.

Vitamin C Suppresses Prostate Cancer - June 2010 Study

Study: Vitamin C, E and Selenium Drastically Reduce Risk of Death from Gastric Cancer (Stomach Cancer) and Esophageal Cancer in Half.
"Gastric cancer or esophageal cancer patients who took vitamin C, E and antioxidative selenium supplements during a 15-year study were 50 percent less likely to die from the cancers."

Report: I Refused Drugs and Chemo to Battle my Breast Cancer With Fresh Veg
She refused not only chemo, but also a mastectomy and radiotherapy advised by doctors.

Instead, the 55-year-old former model decided that what she needed was a complete diet overhaul.

Jessica, from Bedfordshire, England, who now works as a leadership mentor, cut out dairy, upped her vegetable intake and took high doses of vitamin C.

Within three weeks of starting her intensive regime, a scan showed her tumour had gone to sleep and her latest blood tests came back normal.

Previously: Vitamin C Cancer


Peer Reviewed Publication Supporting Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer Patients

New Cancer Imaging Technique uses Vitamin C to Detect More Aggressive Ttumours

Increased Intakes of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Vitamins C and E Reduce the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer by Over 30 Percent

Vitamin C, E, Omega 3-fatty Acids Prevents Pancreatic Cancer

More Coverage of Cancer Breakthrough from

Mesothelioma Study Finds High Dose of Vitamin C Induces Cancer Cell Death In Test Tubes and Mice

Non-Toxic Vitamin C Inhibits Formation of New Blood Vessel Growth to Tumors

Vitamin C Stops the Growth of Cancerous Tumors in Mice

The Real Story of Vitamin C and Cancer

Anti-cancer Effect of Pharmacologic Vitamin C/Ascorbate (AA) and its Interaction with Supplementary Parenteral Glutathione (GSH) in Preclinical Cancer Models
  1. The results showed that pharmacologic AA (vitamin C) induced cytotoxicity in all tested cancer cells,
  2. Although all treatments (AA (vitamin C), GSH, and AA (vitamin C) + GSH) improved survival rate, AA + GSH inhibited the cytotoxic effect of AA alone and failed to provide further survival benefit.
  3. There is an antagonism between ascorbate (vitamin c) and glutathione (GSH) in treating cancer, and therefore iv AA and iv GSH should not be coadministered to cancer patients on the same day.

Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 Alone or in Combination Induces Cancer Cell Death in Leukemia Cells
Cell death was more prominent when Jurkat and K562 cells are exposed to VC and VK3 in a ratio 1000:1 (10 mM: 10 microM) or 100:1 (300 microM: 3 microM), respectively.

Conclusion: We provide for the first time in vitro evidence supporting a causative role for oxidative stress in VK3- and VC-induced apoptosis in Jurkat and K562 cells in a domino-like mechanism. Altogether these data suggest that VK3 and VC should be useful in the treatment of leukemia.

Study: Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopheryl Succinate) Promotes Selective Cancer Cell Death Induced by Vitamin K3 in Combination with Vitamin C

Mayo to Study Vitamin C and Vitamin K3 "Drug" for Cancer

Intravenous Ascorbic Acid to Prevent and Treat Cancer-associated Sepsis? (Published March 2011)

Read more Vitamin C and Cancer

New Books and Videos

Friends with Children w/ Brain Cancer? Burzsynki Documentary Now on DVD

- New Levy book "Primal Panacea" about vitamin C. PRIMAL PANACEA

Dr. Levy explains HOW vitamin C works, i.e., how a single molecule can be the universal antidote. His theory is a must read for every medical doctor. USE COUPON CODE: LE59P1 for $10 off every book you order at

Dr. Chris Shade's (Quicksilver Scientific) Mercury Detox Lecture at the Diane Meyers 2009 Mercury Symposium as PDF or larger (Powerpoint)

Mercury Poisoning: IV/C Case Report (pdf) This article published in the July 2011 Townsend Letter supports our contention that Cathcart's method of mixing sodium ascorbate is superior to the commercial IV/C products, esp. for brain related issues; e.g., higher pH, gentler on veins, no preservatives, more stable and thus more powerful, etc. Forum Mercury Case Archive


The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections.
RESULTS: Overall, reported flu and cold symptoms in the test group decreased 85% compared with the control group after the administration of megadose Vitamin C. CONCLUSION: Vitamin C in megadoses administered before or after the appearance of cold and flu symptoms relieved and prevented the symptoms in the test population compared with the control group.

The Use of Vitamin C as an Antibiotic By Dr. Fred Klenner

The Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough

Pharmacokinetics of vitamin C: Insights into the Oral and Intravenous Administration of Ascorbate.
There is a strong advocacy movement for large doses of vitamin C. Some authors argue that the biological half-life for vitamin C at high plasma levels is about 30 minutes, but these reports are the subject of some controversy. NIH researchers established the current RDA based upon tests conducted 12 hours (24 half lives) after consumption. The dynamic flow model refutes the current low-dose recommendations for dietary intakes and links Pauling's mega-dose suggestions with other reported effects of massive doses of ascorbate for the treatment of disease.

Efficacy of Vitamin C Vaginal Tablets in the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis: a Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial.

Rationale and impact of vitamin C in clinical nutrition...
"In critically ill patients and after severe burns, the rapid restoration of depleted ascorbate levels with high-dose parenteral vitamin C may reduce circulatory shock, fluid requirements and oedema."

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Nutritional Supplementation During Acute Illness...
Oral nutritional supplementation of acutely ill patients improved nutritional status and led to a statistically significant reduction in the number of non-elective readmissions

Video: Vitamin C Cures New Zealander's Swine Flu Just As Life Support Was to be Terminated.

Intravenous Vitamin C Saves New Zealand Man with H1N1 Flu Damaged Lung (Story we posted last January)

Vitamin C: 'Miracle Nutrient' That Cured Man on the Brink of Death...

Dr. Thomas Levy Lectures at 'Vitamin C Can Cure' Coalition in New Zealand (Video)

Segment 3: Levy's Discusson of Vitamin C Toxicity and Kidney Stones (Video)
PUTTING THE "C" IN CURE: Quantity and Frequency are the Keys to Ascorbate Therapy



Vitamin C Improves Resistant Anemia in hemodialysis (HD) Patients

Vitamin C: A Life-saving Treatment for Sepsis

Doctor's Report: VITAMIN C CURES SHINGLES [Herpes Zoster]

Moderate Vitamin C Dose Enhances H. Pylori Eradication

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy Excellent technical reference on IVC.

Ascorbic Acid Orally - Not for IV Sodium Ascorbate Only for IV Infusions.

Great Article on "Swine Flu", Why We Are Hearing About it Now, and How to Protect Against it

Dr. Cathcart on Great Value of High Vitamin C (ascorbate effect) Fighting Viral Infections

Vitamin C deficiency increases the lung pathology of influenza virus-infected gulo-/- mice.

Elevated levels of dietary ascorbic acid increase immune responses in channel catfish

Vitamin C and immunity: an assessment of the evidence. (Mainstream Review)
"The high concentration of ascorbate in leucocytes and its rapid expenditure during infection and phagocytosis suggests a role for the vitamin in the immune process. Evidence published to date shows an involvement in the migration and phagocytosis by macrophages and leucocytes, as well as the induction and expression of delayed hypersensitivity."

Interview with Dr. Kalokerinos..< Argument Against Vaccinations
"Dr. Kalokerinos thought differently. He pinpointed the increase in vaccination campaigns as the reason why, at a certain point, up to half of the vaccinated Aboriginal infants died, obviously from an acute vitamin C deficiency provoked by the vaccination."

Hot Topics

Vitamin C Helps Prevent Gout
Recently, study was published that assessed the relationship between vitamin C intake and risk of gout in almost 47,000 men. All the men had no history of gout when they entered the study. Their intakes of vitamin C (via diet and supplements) were assessed every 4 years over a 20-year period.

Risk of gout was found to be lower in individuals with higher vitamin C intake. Compared to individuals with a total vitamin C intake of less than 250 mg per day, those with total intakes of 500 - 999 mg per day had a 17 percent reduced risk of gout. For intakes of 1,000 - 1,499 mg and 1,500 mg or more per day, the risk of getting gout was down by 34 and 45 percent, respectively.

The authors of this study also looked at the relationship between amounts of vitamin C ingested in supplement form only and risk of gout. Here again, higher supplemental levels were associated with a reduced risk of gout. Compared to those who did not supplement with vitamin C, those supplementing with 1,000 - 1,499 mg and 1,500 mg or more of vitamin C per day were found to be at 34 and 45 percent reduced risk of gout, respectively.

These results suggest that vitamin C, either from diet or supplements, is associated with a reduced risk of gout.

Vitamin C protects, maintains healthy bone mass

1 in 5 Canadian not getting the RDA of Vitamin C from diet

Canada: Government Healthcare Drives People to Intravenous Vitamin C and Myers Cocktails

Vitamin E intake significantly improve liver disease, Nonaloholic Steatohepatits (NASH), says study

Adding Vitamin E to Contact Lenses "hundred times" more effective" treating glaucoma

Study: Prenatal Vitamins Cut Risk of Low-Birthweight Baby

Vitamin C in the News Published by

Ascorbate Calibration as measure of ReDox, methylation efficiency, and inflammation or repair deficit (PDF) See Appendix I, Page 32 (Originally published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.)
"Based on ascorbate calibration, it is evident from Figure 3 that 80% of people require at least 10 g of ascorbate (vitamin C) daily for optimum physiological function, and this amount can be as high as 130g/day." - Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD
Figure 3:

Babies deficient in vitamin C may be at an elevated risk for mental development and memory problems
Professor Jens Lykkesfeldt, who led the research group, said that the research suggests children may also be at risk of learning disabilities if they receive insufficient levels of vitamin C in early life."

Vitamin C required to burn fat

Vitamin C good for healthy heart and eyes

New Role Of Vitamin C In Skin Protection Revealed By Study

No Deaths From Vitamins or Minerals
(OMNS, October 14, 2009) There was not even one death caused by a vitamin or dietary mineral in 2007, according to the most recent statistics available from the U.S. National Poison Data System. The 132-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers published in the journal Clinical Toxicology shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from any of the B vitamins; zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E; and zero deaths from any other vitamin. (1)

Furthermore, there were zero deaths in 2007 from any dietary mineral supplement. This means there were no fatalities from calcium, chromium, zinc, colloidal silver, selenium, iron, or multimineral supplements. There was one death from chronic overdose of magnesium hydroxide, commonly known as the laxative/antacid milk of magnesia, and it was inappropriately listed in the "dietary supplement" reporting category. Nutritional supplements do not contain magnesium hydroxide.

Over half of the U.S. population takes daily nutritional supplements. Even if each of those people took only one single tablet daily, that makes 154,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of over 56 billion doses annually. Since many persons take more than just one vitamin or mineral tablet, the numbers are considerably higher, and the safety of nutritional supplements is all the more remarkable
1918 Spanish Flu Deaths and Aspirin-Induced Scurvy (Vitamin C Deficiency)

Antioxidants Lower Risk of Preterm Birth

Vitamin C deficiency may impair brain development
A new study suggests that pregnant women need to have sufficient intake of vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid to prevent their fetuses from becoming victims of brain impairment that is associated with memory and learning capability later in their childhood.

Asthma Caused by Deficiency in Vitamins C and A

Antioxidant diet supplementation enhances aerobic performance in amateur sportsmen....

Topical Vitamin C- The Wonder Medicine For Skin...

A new way of looking at scurvy we are not all alike and our requirements for vitamin C may differ...

Good vitamin C reference of the disease conditions related to vitamin C from

Chinese make vitamin C Breakthrough that reportedly provides hope in preventing the onset of CVD and Type 2 diabetes.

Study Shows Vitamin "Pill-Poppers" Are Healthier

Omega-3 Fish Oils: The Greatest Nutritional Health Discovery Since Vitamins, Part 4: The Major Studies

Video: Canadians Praise Intravenous Vitamin Treatments

Bad News

Pharma's Don't-Take-Vitamins Study Diametrically Opposed by Valid Study
"Have you not asked yourself why vitamins (!) are suddenly an issue and who is behind it? As food is increasingly degraded, are you not aware how crucial supplementation for vital nutrients is? Are you aware that disease is an investment industry and this is in the service of it?

Huffington Post just published Women Who Take Vitamin Supplements May Have Increased Death Risk, at precisely the moment that the pharmaceutical industry is in health attack mode to limit access to nutritional supplements in the US. How coincidental!

The AMA, which is heavily funded by Pharma, put out a study purporting to show that vitamins are a threat to people.s lives...

Help Fight Absurd FDA Action - Protect Your Access to Nutritional Supplements - Tell Congress to Call for Withdrawal of FDA NDI Guidance

FDA and Senator Dick Durbin(D)'s schemes to outlaw nearly all nutritional supplements created after 1994 would destroy millions of jobs and devastate economy


Medical Science for Sale.
A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found over 40 percent of the best designed, peer-reviewed scientific papers published in the world's top medical journals misrepresented the actual findings of the research. The "spin doctors" writing the papers found a way to show treatments worked, when in fact, they didn't.

Vitamin C Mega Dosing - Big Pharma suppresses an inexpensive powerful curea

Amazing Summary of Recent Vitamin E Research Ignored by the Media

Vitamin C research called "hog wash"

Torrential Feedback To Reader's Digest Anti-Vitamin Article

More Absurd FDA Action Against Vitamin C

In a time of budget cutting and deficits, the FDA somehow has the capacity to go after one of the safest substances known!
FDA also noted packaging materials place product names in close proximity to the words .Cold Remedy." Further, website claims at issue include .Extra boost of Vitamin C in every RapidMelt,".Extra boost of Vitamin C and Echinacea in every RapidMelt," .Reduces the duration of cold symptoms when taken at the first sign of a cold." FDA said these statements about the RapidMelts Vitamin C products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in violation of section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Act (21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)(B)). Also, the statements say the products are intended to affect the structure or function of the body of man in violation of section 201(g)(1)(C) of the Act (21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)(C))

No Deaths from Vitamins - None at All in 27 Years Orthomolecular News Service
ACTION ALERT: The United States FDA versus Vitamin C

Deja vu at the FDA
"Now I find myself at odds once again with that underfunded, overworked and under appreciated defender of public safety responsible for protecting Americans from dangerous drugs. Despite all of these limitations, the FDA has somehow managed to find the resources to clamp down on. vitamin C! Yes, ascorbic acid. Bottled sunshine. Probably the best studied, most researched and commonly used, plant based nutritional supplement known."
- Jonathan
FDA Position on Intravenous Vitamin C Limits Access, But Does Not Render Vitamin C-IV Unlawful Legal Opinion by Emord and Associates.

FDA Action Has Halted Trials of Vitamin C and Cancer!

ANH: An Important Update on IV Vitamin C

In case you Missed it - Firms Blocked from Mass Producing Vitamin C for IV

Previously...Court Finds FDA Letter Flawed. Proctor and Gamble's Advertising Vitamin C and Cold Meds Not Misleading or Harmful to the Public.


Dr David Ayoub's Proof that Mercury Causes Autism

The Vitamin A and Vitamin D Controversy

The Cod Liver Oil Debate (from Weston-Price) Vitamin A is not a Vitamin D Antagonist.
Contrary to information from the Vitamin D Council, and most recently, from the Life Extension Foundation," Vitamins A and D cooperate with one another. They are not antagonists, but large doses of one may cause harm when not accompanied by the other."

Since vitamin A is required as a signaling partner with vitamin D, vitamin D will increase the turnover of vitamin A. If vitamin A is provided in excess, the results are generally beneficial. Excess vitamin A is stored in the liver. However, when the liver's storage capacity is exceeded, the overload of vitamin A causes the cells to burst, damaging the liver and releasing storage forms of vitamin A into the systemic circulation that do not belong there. By increasing the utilization of vitamin A, vitamin D can help prevent vitamin A toxicity.

If vitamin A is in short supply, on the other hand, the results can be detrimental. By .stealing. all of the vitamin A needed to use for vitamin Dspecific functions, the body will not have enough vitamin A left to support the many other functions for which it is needed.this may partially explain the toxic effects of excess vitamin D.

Is patent 5,336,499 the general antidote for all bio warfare weapons? i.e. is it the cure for Lyme?

United States Patent 	5,336,499
Antelman 	August 9, 1994
Molecular crystal device for pharmaceuticals


A novel molecular scale device is described which is bactericidal, 
fungicidal, viricidal and algicidal. The anti-pathogenic properties 
of the device are attributed to electron activity indigenous to 
diamagnetic semiconducting crystals of tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag.sub.4 
O.sub.4) which contains two monovalent and two trivalent silver ions 
in each molecular crystal. When the crystals are activated with an 
oxidizing agent, they release electrons equivalent to 6.4.times.10.
sup.-19 watts per molecule which in effect electrocute pathogens. 
A multitude of these devices are effective at such low concentrations 
as 0.3 PPM used as preservatives in a variety of formulations ranging 
from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. Indeed, they are intended as active 
ingredients for pharmaceuticals formulated to destroy such pathogens 
as Staphylococcus aureus, and epidermidis, the latter of which it 
completely destroys in a nutrient broth culture of about 1 million 
organisms at 0.6 PPM, or Candida albercans, the vaginal yeast infection 
at 2.5 PPM, and the AIDS virus at 18 PPM.
Inventors: 	Antelman; Marvin S. (Rehovot, IL)
Assignee: 	Antelman Technologies, Ltd. (Providence, RI)
Appl. No.: 	07/971,933
Filed: 	November 5, 1992

The VITAMIN C FOUNDATION is a national nonprofit, charitable organization that has recently been assigned the IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation as a Texas non-profit corporation devoted to preserving the "lost knowledge" about ascorbic acid and its role in life. Dedicated to the memory of Linus C. Pauling, the foundation's activities are funded by charitable contributions.

Product sales are made by the Texas corporation Intelisoft Multimedia, Inc. DBA Vitamin C FDN. Intelisoft donates a percentage of every sale to the Vitamin C Foundation.

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