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Sodium Ascorbate

Cathcart's Sodium L-Ascorbate powder Is the World's Finest China-FREE™ Alkaline Vitamin C

Vitamin C Foundation Approved®
The Vitamin C Foundation Approved® "Cathcart's" Sodium Ascorbate is the finest vitamin C on the market, DSM's China-free Quali-C®. The product has been named in honor of the heroic clinician Robert Cathcart III, MD,

Note: This product is intended for oral use.

About Sodium Ascorbate

Sodium Ascorbate is an Alkaline (non-acidic) form of Vitamin C

Sodium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that has been bound to the mineral salt sodium. The basic properties and health benefits of sodium ascorbate, (it is vitamin C), are virtually identical with ascorbic acid, but the mineral salt buffers the vitamin, thus lowering the acidity.

A Foundation pilot study found that buffered sodium ascorbate may enter the blood stream more slowly than ascorbic acid when taken orally.

Vitamin C Foundation approved vitamin C® products are hypoallergenic fine powders. They are tested and guaranteed to be 100% corn free and GMO free. (i.e., no genetically modified material is used in the manufacturing process.)

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Why Choose Sodium Ascorbate

Various experts including Dr. Thomas Levy and Dr. Russell Jaffe recommend alkaline versions of vitamin C. Sodium ascorbate enters the blood stream more slowly, more like a timed release tablet. Linus Pauling himself added sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to his to his twice daily 9,000 milligrams of ascorbic acid drinks (which turned some of the vitamin C into sodium ascorbate.)
Vitamin C Foundation Ascorbic acid (hydrogen ascorbate) is highly reactive, and Cathcart felt it is the most powerful and fastest acting oral form of vitamin C.
And there is another reason to take at least some of your vitamin C as sodium ascorbate. As we age, it can be harder to take pure ascorbic acid by mouth. Cells in the stomach are used to a highly acidic environment, but sometimes lesions form at the bottom of the esophagus, as tissues leading to the stomach are not acid protected.

Both forms of vitamin C, ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate have similar health benefits. If you experience discomfort while swallowing, and are not fighting the cold or the flu, sodium ascorbate powder can be an excellent choice.

Note: This product is intended for oral use.

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"Your sodium ascorbate vitamin C, Cathcart formulation is amazing. Again, I was shocked at how superior it was compared to the other vitamin C powder I was using. Patients noticed it, I noticed it, ... pretty incredible." - D. C. K., MD

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