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Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Carotenoids (2000)
Institute of Medicine (IOM)

This link to the website and article is proof of how screwed up the orthodoxy is in its ideas about Vitamin C.  There are approximately 316 references, so called "Scientific" studies on Vitamin C, that come to the usual garbage opinions on Vitamin C.  In these 316 references are not included references by Klenner, Pauling, Stone, or (God help them, myself) Cathcart (authors who have actually used massive doses of ascorbate.)  The conclusion, based on the small doses quoted, that over 3 grams a day of ascorbate are not indicated in disease conditions and are possibly dangerous is so ridiculous as to make it obvious that those writing these opinions based on these 316 references must have had  their heads so far up the rears of the drug industry that they cannot be trusted at all.  These negligent conclusions are either by damn fools or genocidal bastards responsible for killing tens of millions of people over the years that the effects of massive doses of ascorbate have been obvious to many of us.

It should be noted that a couple of the references are of old works of authors who now have used more massive doses of ascorbate and their later works are carefully not referenced.


The orthodoxy is not going to be able to keep this secret for long because of the internet:

Links for "Vitamin C", Google ~42,900,000, Yahoo ~11.800,000

Some of these links are conventional garbage but many of them do describe the effects of massive doses of ascorbate.  Those that quote my work:

Links for Cathcart and "Vitamin C"  Google ~43,400 links, Yahoo ~10,000

Links to Klenner who published in 1949 how to cure polio with massive doses of ascorbate:

Links for "vitamin C" and Klenner, Google ~15,900, Yahoo ~2,970

Links to Irwin Stone, "vitamin C" and "Irwin Stone", Google ~10,400, Yahoo ~1,240

Links to Linus Pauling, "vitamin C" and Pauling, Google ~239,000, Yahoo ~140,000


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