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Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and Vitamin C Expert Robert Cathcart Were Unequivocal - "Ascorbic Acid is the most potent form of oral Vitamin C."

The ascorbate ion is vitamin C. The ion can eaily attach to other atoms or molecules creating various forms of vitamin C, (e.g. hydrogen ascorbate (commonly ascorbic acid), and the mineral ascorbates, such as sodium ascorbate, potassium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, etc.). All forms will cure the deficiency disease, frank scurvy. However, not all forms are created equal. While the mineral ascorbates have their advocates, and act slower, (more like time release), the Foundation agrees with experts that ascorbic acid is clinically more potent fighting infections and free radical "fires."

In their writings, Vitamin C experts, such as Linus Pauling PhD, Robert Cathcart III, MD, and Thomas Levy MD,JD, recommend two forms of vitamin C orally: ascorbic acid and/or sodium ascorbate.

Vitamin C is defined as the substance the cures the deficiency disease scurvy. This separates ascorbate (e.g., vitamin C as ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate, etc.) from the unscientific "natural vitamin C complex" which can be defined to exist. However, any such complex minus ascorbic acid does not and cannot cure scurvy, and therefore, cannot be "Vitamin C."

Note: Sodium Ascorbate is the only form of vitamin C that should be used intravenously. The VItamin C Foundation now carries our own China-free sodium ascorbate product.

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Note: The Vitamin C in all our products is DSM Quali-C manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.

Practically all of the world's vitamin C now on the market in the USA is manufactured in China. While we know of nothing wrong with Chinese Vitamin C, a monopoly is never a good thing for consumers over the long term.

Thank you for the tip on Trader Joe's vitamin C (as a low cost alternative.) I already use it in conjunction with baking soda/calcium, magnesium and zinc, but YOUR vitamin c is THE best product I have found. I wasn't able to walk a few years ago because my circulatory system was shutting down. And it was your product that 'saved' me! I will be reinstating my autoship in March. Thank you again, see you soon!!
" - Kimrey, L. 2012
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Why Choose Ascorbic Acid?

According to Robert Cathcart,III, MD, the world's leading vitamin C expert, twice as much of any other form of the vitamin is required to achieve therapeutic results when taken by mouth. [*]

"I noticed that it was not entirely clear that the dramatic effects are always with ascorbic acid orally and sodium ascorbate intravenously. I have not been able to achieve the ascorbate effect with mineral ascorbates orally. Mineral ascorbates are fine forms of vitamin C but when you are really sick, the mitochondria are failing in their refueling of the free radical scavengers with electrons. The ascorbic acid carries 2 extra electrons per molecule where the mineral ascorbates seem to carry only one (plus per molecule the mineral ascorbates are heavier due to the mineral weighing more than the hydrogen the mineral replaces). So the mineral ascorbates are not potent enough to accomplish the ascorbate effect. There may be other reasons that we do not appreciate additionally. " - Robert Cathcart, MD.

Ascorbic acid (hydrogen ascorbate) is highly reactive, and the most powerful and fastest acting form of vitamin C. Ascorbate is made in the livers (or kidneys) of most animals. Very few species have survived to the present day without the genetic ability to make their own vitamin C. The few species that cannot make vitamin C include the guinea pig, a fruit bat, a few parrots and high order primates, including us - human beings.

In humans, ascorbic acid is fast acting when taken orally, in part because some of the ascorbic acid can be absorbed through the stomach lining into the blood stream. The mineral ascorbate forms of vitamin C must travel farther into the intestines. These non-acidic forms of vitamin C are slower releasing and the increased transit times in the gut provides a greater opportunity to degrade.

How Much Should I Take?

If you are feeling well The Vitamin C Foundation recommends 3000 milligrams divided into 3 equal 1 gram doses daily. (Less for children under 5 years old, adjusted for body weight.)

Linus Pauling's recommendation was 6000 mg to 18,000 mg daily. [1]

During times of extreme illness, Dr. Robert Cathcart recommended more than 200,000 milligrams. See: Titrating Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance

The Russell Jaffe CLEANSE (sometimes call Calibration) can be used to estimate the daily need. The technique is to determine the highest amount that can be consumed at one time without diarrhea. Usually 3 to 10 grams. This amount is taken every 15 minutes while well until there is a watery "discharge", usually around the two hour point. 75% of the amount taken during the calibration is the recommended daily amount.

> Ascorbate Calibration as measure of ReDox, methylation efficiency, and inflammation or repair deficit (PDF) See Appendix I, Page 32 (Originally published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.)
"Based on ascorbate calibration, it is evident from Figure 3 that 80% of people require at least 10 g of ascorbate (vitamin C) daily for optimum physiological function, and this amount can be as high as 130g/day." - Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD
Figure 3:

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Note: One jar (300,000 mg) will last 300 days at a daily dosage of 1000 mg, 60 days (or two months) at a dosage of 5000 mg daily, or 30 days (one month) at a dosage of 10,000 mg daily.

Make the Right Choice

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® products are hypoallergenic pure vitamin C fine powders guaranteed not to be vitamin C that is manufactured in China. They are 100% corn free and GMO free. (i.e., no genetically modified material is used in the manufacturing process.)

The World's Finest Vitamin C (and Cardio-C and Ascorbade) use 100% pure L-ascorbic acid (DSM Quali-C*** not made in China). Ascorbic acid is form of vitamin C taken by the late 2-time Nobelist Linus Pauling in the amount of 18,000 mg daily, as reported in his 1986 book How To Live Longer and Feel Better.. Pauling took his ascorbic acid in water and he added some bicarbonate (baking) soda to make a delicious effervescent drink.

Even though ascorbic acid is more powerful fighting infections and perhaps even heart disease than mineral ascorbates, some people find that acorbic acid becomes harder to take by mouth as they age. The cells in our stomachs can tolerate the highly acidic environment. Sometimes lesions form at the bottom of the esophagus, as tissues leading to the stomach are not acid protected. If you experience discomfort while swallowing, and are not fighting the cold or the flu, sodium ascorbate powder can be an excellent choice. Both forms of vitamin C, ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate have similar health benefits.

Does "Natural Vitamin C" Have you Confused about What is Vitamin C?

The Vitamin C Foundation only markets the real thing. Don't be fooled by high-priced products claiming to be "natural" or "complex" vitamin C. There is no scientific basis what-so-ever for the claim that a "natural vitamin C complex" exists that cures scurvy.

Check the label of high-priced products which claim to be a Natural "Vitamin-C-Complex." We have noticed that most of these products contain ordinary vitamin C (ascorbic acid), probably made in China.

The Nature of Vitamin C (html)

The official Vitamin C Foundation response to the "Natural Vitamin C" and "C-complex" arguments that are widely distributed across the Internet. The claim that Ascorbic Acid isn't the real vitamin C is false. Please print, read and distribute as appropriate.

The Nature of Vitamin C (PDF Suitable for Printing)

Our research has shown that almost all so-called "natural" products contain ordinary vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) with a "natural complex" filler added.

A few products offer vitamin C that has been extracted from fruit. The prices for such "natural" products can be an astounding 1000 times greater than the cost of ordinary vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most volatile of all the vitamins, so consumers have no way of knowing how much vitamin C survived the extraction process.

We say: If you want vitamin C from fruit - eat an orange or two, you'll likely get more vitamin C than a "natural complex" product.

Note on so-called 'Natural' Vitamin C

"There is no form of Vitamin C more "natural" than the molecule that virtually all species manufacture in their livers or kidneys - L-ascorbic acid. This molecule in chemical notation is C6H8O6, and your body can't tell the difference between these molecules. " - Owen Fonorow
There are companies that market "natural" C-complexes to hide the fact that their vitamin C is less pure.

On likely problem with many "natural" products is that the vitamin C, if any, is packaged along with fiber. We have observed that vitamin C and other nutrients can attach to fiber making it likely that less will be absorbed.

Unlike Vitamin E, the only difference between brands of vitamin C are impurities introduced during the manufacturing process.

Study the label of so-called 'natural' products. If the product has more than 200 mg of vitamin C, we will wager that it contains regular (manufactured) vitamin C as ascorbic acid. If it contains less, remember you can get the same amount of vitamin C by eating a few oranges. (Approx. 50 mg per orange.)

But Doesn't Ascorbic Acid Destroy Gut Flora?

A story (opinion piece) raised this issue because of a an Australian man who was fermentating a product. He discovered that he could not ferment when he added vitamin C and surmised that the vitamin C killed the bacteria. There are no scientific articles on this supposed effect. In our opinion, if this effect really existed inside our bodies, then it would be a major issue and well known. The opposite is probably true, vitamin C helps promote good intestinal flora. Linus Pauling consumed 18,000 mg orally for almost 30 years and lived to the age of 94.

I also heard that too much ascorbic acid depletes minerals, such as copper, zinc and magnesium?

Again if this were true, more than a handful of Chiropractors would be reporting it. It is well known that vitamin C regulates many minerals, lowering them when high, but also helping to raise blood levels when low. Professor Russel Jaffe has demonstrated that Vitamin C can chelate minerals, and has computed the affinity for which vitamin C in the blood would attract various minerals. The attraction miraculously seems to be in order of toxicity, so that mercury, lead and other heavy metals have a higher affinity for the "divalent catons" unique to ascorbic acid, than the nutrient minerals, such as copper, zinc, etc. In theory, an extremely healthy individual, taking a large amount of vitamin C, might deplete the nutrient minerals, but it is more likely that the intake would be stopped by diarrhea - bowel tolerance before significant mineral loss.

Powder versus Capsules

Pure vitamin C powder is the only form of the vitamin we supply. Linus Pauling added bicarbonate of soda to make an effervescent drink. See: How to Live Longer and Feel Better (Pauling, 1986).

For those that find ascorbic acid powder hard to swallow, it is easy an inexpensive to make your own capsules. Check out your local health food store for generic capsules and the do-it-yourself capsule making kits.

Note: Our vitamin C powders are ascorbic acid and they are intended for oral use. Only sodium-ascorbate should be used IV (for intravenous infusion.)

Foundation Does Not Sell Vitamin C

The Foundation approves but does not technically "sell" vitamin C. Inteligent*Vitamin*C, Inc. (an Illinois corporation) is the company that actually markets our approved products. However, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Vitamin C Foundation approved fine vitamin C powders are used to fund Foundation research and activities.

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"As they researched their book ASCORBATE, Hickey and Roberts began to wonder if Pauling's offense had been to discuss openly the properties of a substance that threatens the profitability of medicine. If the claims for vitamin C are correct, it might replace many lucrative and expensive medications. " ASCORBATE: The Science of Vitamin C

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